How it works

We genuinely believe that bettors can have better results if he they constantly analyse their own results. Help us spread this concept and receive extra money for bringing us customers.


You can use a variety of banners or affiliate links to bring new users to StakeToys.

Earn Revenue

Receive 25% from all the customers revenue, who have registered because of you.


By promoting StakeToys you contribute to strengthening betting community and increase people’s chances to reduce their losses.

Main Features

Check out some of our great features that will help you organize your betting activities and reinforce your decision making.

Save your bets

Track all your bets easily, because Stake Toys software is user-friendly and intuitive for the user. Furthermore, you can also add argumentation for each bet, making it easier in the future to analyse the results.

Import directly from your Betfair account

Besides option to save all your bets manually from all bookmakers. Betfair clients can automatically import their bet history by exporting it from the Profit and Loss Report on Betfair and afterwards importing to our system.

Evaluate your own strategies

In addition to the standard bet segregation (sport, league, odds and etc.) you can save your bets by attributing them to a certain strategy. Afterwards you will be able to evaluate how your strategy was performing and analyse the results to see how you can adjust it.

Target Management

Betting Diary

Multiple Bets

Multiple Bankrolls

Sports Reports

Competitions Reports


Have a look at some of the features of Stake Toys and the advantages of our services over Excel spreadsheets that are being used for keeping bet history.

You can save your bets easily, all you need is just an Internet access.

Your betting information is stored safely, and is available only for you.

Receive automatic insights about your betting behavior and results.

Support and development teams are always prepared to help you if you have any questions or suggestions.

Customer Testimonial

We seek to create a perfect ecosystem to jumpstart your career as a professional gambler. Below are just a few of the hundreds of positive comments about how StakeToys helped achieve their goals.

"After 5 years as a bettor, and making more than 10 different spreadsheets, I found the Stake Toys, very well-developed software, practical and efficient."

Gustavo Almeida

Recife - Brazil

"Registering my bets on Stake Toys has helped me improve my results. I began to see more clearly mistakes I committed in my bets, and now I can avoid them more easily."

João Pereira

Braga - Portugal

"I have not seen anything that allows me to have complete control over my bets as Stake Toys. They are to be congratulated!!!"

João Carlos

Belo Horizonte - Brazil

"Keep track of your bets is important to maintain consistency in results. The Stake Toys has helped a lot at this point, making me analyze my previous results on betting."

Douglas Roberto

São Paulo - Brazil

"With the help of Stake Toys, I believe that I'm able to analyze my history more efficiently. The system is helping me to find out which competitions and markets are more lucrative for me."

Francisco Vidardi

São Paulo - Brazil

"The evolution of the bettor starts at Stake Toys. Excellent tool."

Pedro Almeida

Porto - Portugal

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